Covid-19 Vaccine Updates

Covid-19 Vaccine Updates


65+ can begin vaccinations at Walgreens  - Thursday, February 25th

Walgreens Offering Vaccine for People Age 65 and Older Starting Feb 25

Supply at Walgreens allows for people in this age group to get vaccinated a few days before that phase opens statewide on March 1


BURLINGTON, VT – Starting Feb 25, Vermonters age 65 and older can make an appointment at Walgreens to get their COVID-19 vaccination. This is in advance of the statewide clinics for this age group that begin on March 1.


Anyone age 65 and older can go online to or call 1-800-Walgreens (1-800-925-4733) to make an appointment to be vaccinated. There are no walk-ins, appointments must be scheduled.


As part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program, Walgreens received an unanticipated increase in the amount of 4,300 first doses, directly from the Centers for Disease Control.   


Walgreens worked with state officials to offer these doses to the next age group sooner for its available appointments, held Thursdays through the weekend. This will allow the state to offer more of its supply to the currently eligible Vermonters, helping to reach as many people as possible. 


The Health Department announced last week that Vermonters 65 years old and above will be able to make an appointment online at starting at 8:15 a.m. on March 1. Everyone who has previously been eligible to receive a vaccine continues to be eligible and can make their appointments now.

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This was put out by Trey Dobson, CMO of SVMC – thought it might be helpful – this is what he is recommending on the blood thinner question (see the bottom). 


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Problems and Solutions with Scheduling in the Vermont Vaccine Program



  • Know that there is the registration process which must be done first to create an account
    • A confirmatory email is then sent to the individual
    • The individual must then follow the link in the email to schedule their vaccine date and time
  • The process has worked quite well over the first 24 hours
    • Over 20,000 people have successfully registered and obtained an appointment
    • VT DoH has a nice FAQs that answer most questions
    • There have been problems, not unexpectedly; below are a few with potential solutions
  • Problem
    • Registration is completed but no confirmatory email arrives and thus the individual cannot schedule a test.
  • Solution
    • This problem is not universal but affects certain people.
    • Click the registration three times. No joke. It seems to work.
    • We provided feedback to the DoH, so hopefully it will get fixed soon.
  • Problem
    • When registering multiple family members, the process will not accept a single email for more than one person individuals
    • For example, a daughter helps her parents register to get vaccinated.
    • She registers her mom with her mom’s email address.
    • Because her dad does not really use email anymore nor have a valid email account, she tries to register him with the same email address and is rejected.
  • Solution
    • Use a different email address for each individual, or
    • Register one person, then add others in the family as dependents on that account


  • Problem
    • When registering by phone (and perhaps online, too), individuals answering “yes” to the question “Are you on blood thinners?”, were instructed
    • “You have to get a note from your primary care doctor in order to get vaccinated.”, or
    • “You will have to wait until the vaccine is available at your doctor’s office.”
  • Solution
    • Ignore and register
    • We have provided feedback yesterday and again today that the a majority of the screening questions in use are not contraindications to vaccine and add zero value to the process
    • In fact, such questions only raise unsubstantiated concerns in individuals and delay or prevent vaccination

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