Don't Forget Your Pet--Renew Dog Licenses

Don't Forget Your Pet--Renew Dog Licenses


Reminder: APRIL 1st is the Deadline

In accordance with Vermont State Statute 20 section 3581, dogs 6 months and older must be registered with the town clerk. A current rabies certificate must be provided to us to keep on file. At the first of each year, we send reminder letters/renewal forms to owners of previously registered dogs and begin licensing dogs in January of each year. If you are unable to come down to our office to register your dog, mail us your renewal along with payment and a new rabies certificate if your dog is due then we will send your dog license and tag to you.  

Town of Dover dog ordinance

All dogs, wolf-hybrids, ferrets and cats must have rabies vaccinations.  All wolf-hybrids must be registered at the age of 6 months. All dogs and wolf-hybrids must be licensed yearly on or before April 1st. Animals vaccinated under one year of age must be vaccinated within 12 months, and thereafter must be vaccinated within 36 months prior to the date of licensing. 

A licensed veterinarian must administer rabies vaccines and a Rabies Vaccination Certificate must be signed by that veterinarian. When coming to the Town Clerk's Office to register your animal you will need to bring the following:

1. Signed Current Rabies Certificate

2. Spayed/Neutered Certificate  (for new registrants)

3. Cash or Check for amount of fee made out to Town of Dover

Fees are:

Spayed/Neutered Animal: $8.00

Unspayed/Unneutered Animal: $12.00

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