Flood damage? Call 2-1-1

Flood damage? Call 2-1-1
“To report home and private property damage caused by the recent flooding in Southern Vermont, call 2-1-1.  If you receive an automated message, please leave your contact information to receive a call back from VT211 staff.  If calling on WiFi, please dial 866-652-4636 to reach VT211 staff. Reporting damage assists with understanding the full scope of the disaster as well as referrals for emergency issues.”
The U.S. USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service Emergency Watershed Conservation Program is available for public and private landowners facing exigent loss of property due to “watershed impairments.”  In other words, if somebody’s backyard or driveway is getting eaten away by erosion after the recent big storm, EWP may be able to help.  Projects need to be submitted to EWP via municipalities as “project sponsor” using the attached template. 
Requests to the Natural Resources Conservation Service for assistance through the Emergency Watershed Protection Program must be submitted to NRCS as a request letter from a town (the town can copy and paste onto their letterhead from the attached template).  A bit about this program is below and applicants must submit a request within 30 days of a disaster event and some types of damages must be denied by NRCS prior to receiving FEMA funding.
Thank you,
Ian P. Kilburn
VT-ALERT Administrator
Vermont Emergency Management
802-760-0901 (Cell)
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